What to Expect (Text)

Course Outline

Each Part contains a video, documents and a pre- and post-quiz. At the end, there is an End-of-Course Evaluation that you must complete, as well.


You must complete Quizzes to go on to the next section. Each Quiz has five questions that are either true/false or multiple choice. Each Quiz should take between 3 and 5 minutes to complete. Choose the best answer(s) for each question, then click SUBMIT. In some questions, more than one correct answer may exist; please click all that apply to fully answer the question.

End-of-Course Evaluation

On the End-of-Course Evaluation, you must enter your name and email. We are required to keep records to show you have completed all quizzes, as well as the final End-of-Course Evaluation.

Your Information

Even though we are required to gather your name and email for our records and the Board, this will NOT be tied to your results other than to verify completion. All data from the quizzes and evaluation will be separated from any identifying information. We promise never to share or sell your information.

Thank you for trusting us with your CEU needs!

~ Sheila & Avis

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