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Our courses are either approved or pending approval with the NASW Chapter in Louisiana only. Each course states the status. That being said, it's important to note that Louisiana is a self-assessing state. In other words, you are allowed to rate and "approve" your own CEU courses, so long as they follow the Social Work Profession Rules, even if they are not already pre-approved.

See Title 46, Part XXV. Credentialed Social Workers, Section 317.M and this self-assessment document, as outlined in the Guide for Assessment of Continuing Education (§317.P) (a new window will open for any of these links). We aim to always score at least a 12 or higher on the self-assessment (the minimum is 10) (See below for a plain-text version).

We cannot certify the results for Pre-Recorded, On-Demand CEUs. We can only certify the results for LIVE CEUs. As a result, that means you will not receive a Certificate if you complete a Pre-Recorded, On-Demand CEU, but you are of course, still able to obtain CEU credit.

Download the Self-Assessment Form (also linked above) and complete it. You will then submit this with a print-out of your Dashboard for the Board.

If you are a social worker outside of Louisiana who needs continuing ed credit and you would like us to help you apply for that credit, please just let us know. We're happy to help when and if we can!

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Guide for Assessment of Continuing Education

As continuing education events vary across the categories listed below, the appropriateness of considering them as acceptable continuing education also varies. An event must receive a total score (combination of all three sections) of 10 to be "clearly acceptable" for continuing education to renew a social work credential. If a category (Program Content, Program Presenter or Program Audience) rates a zero, the education offering is not acceptable for social work continuing education.

This document, as well as all the relevant course materials, and the certificate of completion, should be maintained in the event you are audited.


(Clearly Acceptable)

_____ 6) Mainstream social work knowledge, skills and values

_____ 6) Specialized social work knowledge, skills and values

_____ 4) Information from related fields that is useful for social work practice

_____ 2) Developing areas that may lack strong research, support or clear application

_____ 0) Content that is specifically not acceptable or not related to social work practice

(Clearly Not Acceptable)


(Clearly Acceptable)

_____ 5) Social worker with appropriate expertise in content area

_____ 4) Related professional with ability to connect content to social work practice

_____ 2) Lay-person (e.g., client) on the impact of needing/receiving services

_____ 0) Presenter with no apparent professional qualifications nor link to social work practice

(Clearly Not Acceptable)


(Clearly Acceptable)

_____ 4) Social work practitioners/students

_____ 4) Interdisciplinary professional audience that may include social workers

_____ 3) Audience presumed to be primarily from another profession (e.g., nursing)

_____ 1) Audience open to the general public

_____ 0) Audience presumed to be primarily the general public

(Clearly Not Acceptable)

Total Score_____(add score from each section to get Total Score; must be at least 10)

The Disclaimer

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This presentation is not intended to be advertising and SMWPLC does not wish to represent anyone desiring representation based upon attending this CEU in any state or jurisdiction where this presentation fails to comply with all laws and ethical rules. This presentation is not intended to constitute legal advice or the provision of legal services.

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